Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in upstate NY


Q: I love some of your decals but want it in a different size. Is that a possibility?

A: Of course! You can use our CONTACT US page to send a request on what you would like and the size.


Q: Do you do custom decals?

A: Yes! Please use the CONTACT US page with the inquiry. Include as much info as possible including font names, artwork, size, color, quantity for the quickest and most accurate response


Q:How do I apply my decal?

A: Application instructions will be sent with every decal order to ensure flawless application!


Q: My decal didn't stick, I want a refund!

A: So first let me say, this isn't really a Frequently Asked Question, but I have dealt with this a couple of times from eBay customers due to application errors and/or scammers looking for a freebie.

BUT I will address this statement anyways....

We have been doing this long enough to know that if application instructions are followed as far as cleaning/prep, temperatures, technique etc, that every decal sticks. The only time I have personally not had a decal stick was when I was new to applying decals and did not prep/clean the surface correctly or if it was too cold or hot outside.

We physically handle these decals from before they are even decals when its just a roll of vinyl.

We cut them, weed them, pre-peel them from the backing to ensure easy release so we know the adhesive is nice and tacky for you when you get it. If something was wrong with the adhesive we would know during the weeding process, but that has never happened to date that there is an issue with the adhesive quality.

We only use high quality Oracal vinyl.

With that being said:


By ordering from us in person and online,  you agree that you are experienced when it comes to proper application of decals and that you will not hold SaratogaStickerSupply.com liable for replacing items that may have been improperly applied.